The image as burden – Marlene Dumas

I have recently visited two art exhibitions, in fact three art exhibitions, in which the artist was a woman.

Niki de Saint PhalleNiki de Saint Phalle at Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Maybe Niki de Saint Phalle, although a controversial feminist, is different or looks different to me, but Marlene Dumas and Louise Bourgeois’s art drive me to the same destination : female anguish.

Dealing with advertising and marketing every single day, for it is my job to do it, I find very fulfilling looking at other universe, or I rather say, looking at the same universe but from another perspective.

Lousie Bougeois

Louise Bourgeois at Kunts Hall in Munich

The three exhibitions were retrospectives of the artists and that unique fact makes me happy because it means that very slowly women art begins to receive the attention and admiration it deserves.

Their style is radically diverse ; while Niki de Saint Phalle plays with colors in her paintings and illustrations and uses enormous volumes to represent female power, Marlene Dumas watercolors, widely influenced by commercial media and news, are mostly monochrome. As for Louise Bougeois, her artworks ; paintings as well as sets and structures, what she calls The Cells, include materials and objects from the ordinary life which, combined the way they are, communicate the artist’s emotional distress.

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas at Tate Modern in London

Some of the topics that we could find in all the three exhibitions were maternity, the female body and the violence that women suffer along their existence.

Historically painting was seen as femalebut the males were the painters and the females the models.
Now the female takes the main role. She paints herself. The model becomes the artist. She creates herself.
She is not here to please you. She pleases herself.
The question is not Who is she but Who are you?

Marlene Dumas


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