The power of peer reviews

The power of peer reviews

Published by Lithium Klout, this short review gives us some clues about the so called earned media, a very important element in today’s marketing strategies.

Research consistently shows that 92% of consumers trust peer consumers and family and friends more than they trust brand marketing“. Is there anybody out there questioning it? Not me…

The review underlines three aspects of todays communication which are:

  • Video: it has the ability to touch people emotionally, a key driver in content that goes viral
  • Social: Facebook’s buy button is an example. People shop where they are, when they receive a tailored promotion
  • Mobile: people look for peer reviews while in a shop ruther thank ask the shop assistants

Regarding the content, the author considers that to reach the consumer’s heart you have to include humor and humanism in your messages. “Brands that feel more like trusted friends inspire loyalty and trust. And, when consumers find a brand they trust, they share it“.

Other ways to getting UGC (User Generated Content) is by giving fun and creativity through the brand story. Influencers can help you with experiences that excite them about the brand for they will surely share on social.

Nearly 84% of millennials say that UGC influences their purchasing decisions. And they want to be part of the conversation, so give them encouragement at every point you can to provide their input and feedback“.

If you want to see the full review, click here.



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