London Communication Tour

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In October 2013 I took part, along with a group of advertising professionals, on a trip to London to visit some companies related to our business. Not only we visited advertising agencies but also graphic studios and other companies difficult to define, as Berg and Contagious. It was most encouraging to me having an inside look at advertising companies operating out of one of the most innovative and advanced world capital cities.

Participants of the London Communication Tour 2013 at Contagious

Participants of the London Communication Tour 2013 at Contagious

I remember that a few months earlier I had trimmed a press release that was published due to the presentation of Berg Little Printer, the mini-printer network via a mobile application that lets you send information from anywhere in the world. So when I received the details about the trip and saw that, among the companies we would visit, there would be Berg, I did not hesitate.

Little Printer

Little Printer

We did not have time to realised the bad weather in London those three days for we had a very busy schedule and most varied. The first day we visited The Rabbit, Mother, Contagious and Berg. The second day was distributed between Adam & Eve, W + K, Seven and Saffron. The third day we spent the morning with the guys from Moving Brands and LBI.


Hall of Weiden&Kennedy London

It is difficult to summarize in a few lines what we saw but there are a couple of details that I want to underline. For example, the religious experience (Saffron headquarters in London is like a temple) which involved listening to Wally Ollins talking about branding.
Wally Ollins in his usual position

Wally Ollins in his usual position

It was also surprising to visit the spaces and the atmosphere of some agencies like Mother and Wieden + Kennedy. The industrial buildings located in east London are hiper-creative environments which make working become a game.


Their hospitality was also an aspect that grasped my attention. I imagine the welcome we got was thanks to the good work of the C4E team, the company organizing the trip, but I was very surprised by the fact that they could dedicate to us such a time, knowing how precious it is in the
communication world .

I had the best tea of my life in Saffron

I had the best tea of my life in Saffron

Although with some delay, these lines are a way to thank all the professionals who joined us during our visit and encourage companies to carry out such experiences because they are certainly very enriching.


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